Will I still get a Tan after having a Sunless Spray Tan?

Lisa FAQs

The answer to this is definitely yes, and with temperatures soaring today and parts of the UK being hotter than Ibiza and New York, the harmful UV rays will take no prisoners and will be penetrating our skin, so remember to be safe, always wear a high SPF sun protection cream and always remember to re-apply your sun screen as per the manufacturers recommendations.

Spray Tan or self-tan Tan products do not have any UV Filters to stop the sun’s rays from penetrating the skin. So a safe tan is a sunless one, looks great in shorts and on the beach but just because your skins looks amazingly brown, don’t be fooled and think that you won’t get burnt and damage your skin, be sure to protect the skin you are in. It is the largest organ and covers your entire body, so protect the whole of your body and include ears, eyelids and tops of your heads and feet.

The life of a Sunless Spray Tan can be preserved if you choose wisely with your sun creams, look for oil-free protection that will not necessarily break down your spray tan too quickly, causing patching and streaks. There are so many oil-free sun creams on the market and at Sunless Solution we recommend using these to extend the life of your sunless tan.

Spray Tanning is the healthy option over a Sun damaging Sun Tan any day, but of course there are a few things to remember.

Always protect your skin with a high OIL-FREE Sun Screen
The Sand will naturally exfoliate your Spray Tan
Chlorine will bleach it, so don’t spend hours in the pool and pat dry when you exit
Exfoliating your spray tan in the shower, using a good body scrub will even out any streaks or patches that have been caused by sun creams, the pool or the sand.