Spray Tan Machines – Which one suits you and your business best?

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Spray Tan Machines – Which one suits you and your business best?

A common question when starting out in the SPRAY TAN world is which machine would I recommend?  Of course, we love all the machines that we supply because if they didn’t deliver they certainly wouldn’t be on our website www.sunless-solutions.co.uk, because I have pride and passion for the industry and equipment we use.

So over the next few days I wanted to give you my honest and of course my professional opinion on the our range of tanning machines, which hopefully will give you some guidance when buying the perfect machine for you!

The newest machine to feature at Sunless Solutions is the W610, Elite Compact

The W610 is available in Pink and in Black, and for anyone that knows me personally you will know that my preference on the colour would be the pink, remember though its just a colour and does not affect the performance of the machine it simply in my mind says girlie, pretty in pink, happy, I love pink and anything that sparkles, at my age maybe I should be growing up but if things in life are pretty and sparkle then its a bonus!

So who makes the W610?

The W610 is one of patented protected AURA http://www.aurasprayers.com/ sprayer and is manufactured and marketed by the Swiss Wagner group, http://www.wagner-group.com/ who are highly skilled at what they do worldwide and have been delivering the best sprayers for decades to consumers.  The company understands what we are looking for as Spray Tan Therapists because they simply understand their products and deliver constant innovation to the spray tan industry.  So that’s who makes the W610, but having personally met Maurizio Giorgi who is the Global Sales Director for the group you get a great feeling of understanding, guidance and passion for his products,  warmth and vast knowledge.  Maurizio and his team are set to push the industry forward.

The W610 after looking through a few spray tan sites has various names, Dynatec 610 HVLP spray tan Machine, Earlex 610 machine, Elite Compact Sprayer, so I am going to use the Aura name for this machine, Elite Compact Sprayer or W610 so we don’t get confused,  us girls love a name for a machine and the Elite Compact says sophistication.

The Technical Bit

The Elite Compact Sprayer is a small lightweight machine, you can literally pick up with one finger, so for all you mobile therapists out there this is an ideal machine to pop in the boot of your car and off you go to make some money tanning!  The machine only weighs 1.6kgs,  which in girlie terms is just over 3lbs, thought i would mention how many lbs because we know exactly what 3lbs feels like as this is always a hot topic on every girls lips, how many lbs you have lost/gained this week!

The hose is 2.0m which is flexible and looks made to last.

The solution container cup has a capacity of 150ml and here is the best part, it stands up when you put it down, no more tipping over when you take a break from tanning, to turn around and realise that your gun has toppled over and leaked all over the clients floor! Aura/Wagner have thought of everything we need, the cup can be placed on the floor without tipping over! Genius, I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to do something, put my gun down only for it to topple over, so this is a fantastic feature which I am very pleased about. The gun can also be placed back in the gun storage area as well when you have finished tanning.

The filter is housed towards the front of the machine by the gun storage area, a nice thick filter, remember if you want your machine to last then you need to ensure that you are cleaning the filter out regularly by simply washing in water, drying and replacing.  The filter is there for a reason to stop spray tan solution over-spray entering the machine so please don’t ignore this important part of the machine as overtime it will get filled with over-spray, if you don’t clean it it has no other option but to leak inside the machine so keep it clean!

So its a lightweight, compact, powerful, quiet turbine machine, 230v 50hz, but I have saved the best bit till last!


Its all about the cone tip technology with this little machine, I have taken a picture for you so you can see what I am talking about.

This spray tan machine has been specially designed using a cone shape technology and its this geometry of how the air is pushed through the cone and out through the direction plate which makes its deliver such a fine atomisation of spray tan solution, which is perfect for tanning. Take a look yourself, by simply unscrewing the front of your gun and taking the direction plate off and you will see the cone which is totally unique and different to any machine that I have seen before.

Yet another bonus to the Elite Compact Sprayer is that there is no fiddly needle to take out, I hear you all breathing a sigh of relief, you simply fill your solution pot with warm water and run this through the gun to keep it clean after a heavy tanning session.  Life is so simple with the Elite Compact W610 sprayer, dare I say it, its GIRL PROOF!


As a spray Tan Therapist and hopefully a professionally trained one, if not then quickly pick up the phone and book on a Sunless Solutions Accredited Spray Tan Course (or click this link), you should have been shown how to set up your gun by your Tutor.

The direction plate at the front of the gun needs to be set so you are working in the correct way.  So if you are spray tanning vertically, down the body your direction plate needs to be set in the vertical position, (so on a clock it would be pointing to 12 and 6), I mention this first as most work vertically down the body but if you work horizontally, across the body,  then set you gun horizontally (3 and 6 on a clock).

The amount of solution spraying from your gun is also really important and really does play an important part in how your tan turns out, too much and you will blotting, which is a no-no in the spray tan world, or drying your client for hours, too little and the tan won’t show, so getting it right is crucial!  You should only be using 50-70mls for a full body spray, anymore and you are just wasting your solution in the room or at the back of the TAN IN TENT, which did I mention you can put in the washing machine and tumble dryer!

So how do you find the perfect setting for you? 

I always recommend pegging couch roll up, pink couch roll of course in Lisa’s world! Couch roll is 2-ply so basically has two sheets that you can pull apart. Place you fingertips on the couch roll and the front (tip of the gun) by your wrist area this is the perfect placement of your gun from client to spraying, this will help to eliminate a lot of the over-spray and helps to stop wastage of your solution,

Just by the front of the handle you will see a small round control knob, this is part that increases and decreases the amount of solution coming out of the gun.  So anti=clock wise reduces the solution and clock-wise increases the solution flow, again the manufacturers have thought of everything and made it girl friendly by putting a ‘+’ and ‘- ‘sign so we can totally get it right.

So back to your couch roll, start with your gun closed, slowly open the gun up using the control knob, the solution will start to spray very lightly from the front of the gun, but you are trying to find the perfect setting for you and everyone is different, if you are slow moving down the body then you wont need to open your gun up as much as someone who moves fast down the body.  So press the trigger and adjust until you get a smooth ‘V’ kind of pattern which is perfect for you.  During this process check that the solution is not going through to the second ply of the couch roll as this generally means that you have the control knob open to much.  Not enough and it will be a kind of make a speckled pattern.  Find your perfect setting, get this right and you are well on your way to delivering the perfect spray tan every-time.

So wrapping this up now!  The Elite Compact W610 spray tan machine is the perfect choice for mobile spray tanning, it has many impressive features and is a joy to work with and comes highly recommended, weather you choose black or pink this machine will deliver a perfect application.

Any questions please feel free to ask and of course I will always do my best to help you.