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Hello and Welcome, I’m Lisa Young and the Director of Sunless Solutions. I have passion and love for the tanning industry and have been heavily involved for over 25 years. I started my career in the industry as a mobile spray tan technician. I quickly gained a thorough understanding of the industry and was lucky enough to be involved right from the start and seen the spray tan industry grow to the multi million pound industry it is today.Lisa
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Taking my knowledge I created the Sunless Solutions brand. I did my research and found myself a manufacturer who helped me to produce my tanning solution and their first ever spray tan solution, the company at the time was just two people producing Lily of the Valley air fresheners. We worked together to create our professional solution, they had no knowledge of the industry so passed on my experience of what was up and coming in the industry producing not only spray tan solution but the first tan in a can and mousse. This company has now gone on to be one of the biggest suppliers to the spray tan industry and still to this day produce some of our products along with one other manufacturer.

It’s an honour when a spray tan machine manufacturer shows you their prototype and asks you for advice on how they can improve it. My knowledge of spray tan equipment is vast and have even advised other spray tan companies on how to clean and use their machines properly. I am proud to say that I also produced and took the first coloured spray tan machine to the manufacturers, which they now mass produce and supply across the world. The only option we had was a matt black spray tan machine, I actually coloured the machines using the same technic we use today for spraying cars, producing machines with a high shine glitter finish in pink, white, purple, etc. The machines were gorgeous and the manufacturers quickly realised we wanted not only a machine fit for purpose but a machine that was appealing to the eye, so when you look at your spray tan machine, somewhere along the line I’ve been involved in making the machine as functional and sleek as they are today.

I want to pass on my knowledge and teach to the highest standard possible and pass on my experience in the spray tanning industry so I enrolled and gained my teaching qualification PTTLS (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector). Shortly after qualifying I wrote a 30 page Training Manual based on my experience, offering guidance on how to ‘Spray Tan the Professional Way’. Our courses have been awarded accreditation from BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology) which allows our students to gain the necessary insurance cover after they have qualified. Sunless Solutions is proud of its record of delivering excellent Training Courses, which I’m heavily engaged in monitoring to ensure our Students receive the highest standard of professional advice which they fully understand.
Through teaching ladies to fold and clean the wired pop up tanning cubicles I realised we needed a tent that was professional but needed to go in the washing machine due to the amount of sticky overspray we incur. I patented and designed the TAN IN TENT® spray tan cubicle. The TAN IN TENT® self inflates in 10 seconds and goes in the washing machine and the tumble dryer, it’s clean and fresh every time you use it, no sticky spray tan, hard to fold, unhygienic spray tan cubicles. The TAN IN TENT® is the future in spray tan cubicles.

I show cased the TAN IN TENT® on the Dragons Den, I realised looking back at the TV show that I hadn’t pitched the benefits of the tent well enough, but I know after speaking to spray tan technicians who want to buy the tent that they were all shouting at the TV ‘invest’, ‘invest’, they could see the benefits of this tent, sadly we didn’t get our investment and it was a life changing experience for me. I am however very proud of myself,
I took a product and made it outstanding and fit for the purpose of spray tanning.

I know the TAN IN TENT® is exactly what the industry is waiting for and have seen the whole Dragons Den experience as a challenge to succeed and supply the tent without the need for any Dragons input.