Turbo Twister Portable Clean Air


PLEASE NOTE: Tanning Solutions are sometimes transferable and Sunless Solutions cannot accept liability for the transfer of our products to clothing, especially Wedding Dresses as they are notoriously tight fitted and the tans can sometimes rub and may therefore not come off of the dress. Dry Cleaning can help this process of removal but it is not guaranteed that the rub off from tanning products will be completely removed.

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Our range of professional spray tanning filter systems features:

  • Clean the air
  • Minimise messy over-spray created while applying the tan.
  • Excess tanning solution in the air
  • Will draw into the three stage filter designed to reduce mess and ensure the environment is comfortable for yourself and your client.

The Turbo Twister – Portable Unit

  • Is super lightweight
  • Can be easily transported,
  • Suitable for mobile technicians or salons that do not have room for our Turbo Twister Tower .

For best results, combine the Turbo Twister Filter System with an enclosure, putting the unit on the floor behind the client

Weight: 7Kg  |  Dimensions: (LxWxH): 38 x 20 x 55cm  |  Noise: 69 Db  |  Average Air Displacement: 520m3/hr