Turbo Twister Portable Clean Air

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Our range of professional spray tanning filter systems features:

  • Clean the air
  • Minimise messy over-spray created while applying the tan.
  • Excess tanning solution in the air
  • Will draw into the three stage filter designed to reduce mess and ensure the environment is comfortable for yourself and your client.

The Turbo Twister – Portable Unit

  • Is super lightweight
  • Can be easily transported,
  • Suitable for mobile technicians or salons that do not have room for our Turbo Twister Tower .

For best results, combine the Turbo Twister Filter System with an enclosure, putting the unit on the floor behind the client

Weight: 7Kg  |  Dimensions: (LxWxH): 38 x 20 x 55cm  |  Noise: 69 Db  |  Average Air Displacement: 520m3/hr