One-to-One Spray Tanning Course


This course is designed for complete beginners and will allow each student to create a flawless natural looking tan for your clients. You will cover all aspects of the spray tan industry including the spray tan equipment needed for you to run your new business to its full potential and a full insight to our Professional and Self-tan range.

A one-to-one training courses is carried out in the comfort of your home or salon and this service may only be available in certain areas.  Our Trainers will travel a fifty mile radius to your address which is included in the price of the one-to-one course.  If there is not a trainer available within a fifty mile radius you can still opt for this service but you will be charge a fee of 35p per mile if this trainer has to travel over a 50 radius.  Please use our Trainer location map to find out the cost of this service should you require this.

Please note that all group training sessions commence at 10.00am and will form the basis of a theory session for the first two hours followed by a practical session. Students will spray tan each other on the course, if you would prefer not to have a spray tan on your course please arrange for a model to arrive 2 hours after the coure commences.

After booking your course you will receive an email to confirm your booking, what to expect on day of your training, how your model should prepare 24 hours and on the day of your course. Please pay particular attention to the patch testing advice on this email. Once you have completed your Spray tan Training you will be given access to our site and if you require images and logos these will be available for you to download.