Spray Tan Kits

Sunless Solutions Spray Tanning Kits are available for every budget. Our Starter Kit provides everything you need for a professional spray tan experience either at home or for your mobile spray tan business. Each kit is put together with you in mind giving you various options for mobile and salon tanning. A wide variety of Spray Tan Machines are available to choose from. All kits include Sunless Solutions Professional Spray Tan Solution, Spray Tan Machine, Spray Tan Tent, Marketing. The Salon Plus Kit includes the Aura Extractor Unit which is ideal for your busy salon.

Why not add some Tanning Solution

Why not add an extra bottle of our professional Spray tan Solution to your new kit purchase.
You will love the deliverance and wear of our original spray tan solution range of 8, 10 and 12% DHA or you might like to opt for the Rapid choice.