Spray Tan Solution

Sunless Solutions range of professional spray tan solution are suitable for all skin tones. Our active ingredients in our solutions are carefully blended using a unique formulation, which produces a luxurious guide colour, developing into a natural streak free tan. Sunless Solutions products contain a blend of DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) and Erythrulose, this combination produces a deep realistic tan which will not streak and helps to increase the wear of your Sunless Tan.

Tanning Solution

Welcome to our range of our Spray Tanning Solution products

Using only the freshest purest DHA and Erythrulose our tanning base products contains effective moisturising agents to prevent the skin drying out and contain high quality anti-oxidants, which are reputed to have anti-ageing effects on the skin.  Our Professional Spray Tan Solution formulations also provide a unique viscosity, which helps to prevent overspray. The colour guide/bronzer is delivered in the form of a natural looking guide colour so that you will have an instant tan appearance whilst your colour develops. Our Special ingredients ensures a lasting even colour with excellent drying time. . Non-sticky . Fast developing . Fragranced to prevent "the fake tan smell" . Hypoallergenic . Fast Drying . Effective Moisturisation . Not Streaky . Long Lasting . Only fresh ingredients used

Not Sure on the colour that suits you or your client.. Download our Sunless Colour Chart

Spray Tanning Kits

Sunless Solutions Spray Tanning Kits are available for every budget, our Starter Kit provides everything you need for a professional spray tan experience either at home or ideal for your mobile spray tan business. Each kit is put together with you in mind giving you various options for mobile and salon tanning. A wide variety of Spray Tan Machines are available to choose from our collection provided by Aura and Tanning Essentials. All kits include Sunless Solutions Professional Spray Tan Solution, Spray Tan Machine, Spray Tan Tent, marketing and the Salon Plus Kit includes the Aura Extractor Unit which is ideal for your busy salon.