Spray Tan Tents

Sunless Solutions provide a spray tanning tent to suit every budget and every business need.  Spray tan Cubicles, Spray tanning tents, tanning curtains, Tanning tents, Tan In Tents, whatever we like to call them they are an essential part of any spray tan business.  Designed and used to protect walls, floors and ceilings from overspray and to protect your clients modesty.  Our cubicles will not eliminate all overspray but will help to contain this, we recommend using an extractor unit to help draw and remove the majority of overspray.

Tanning Tents

Welcome to our range of our Spray Tanning Disposables products

The tanning curtain is ideal for home tanning and very light mobile work, this item is machine washable and can be put over a door frame, using the Sunless Solutions new S rings or attached to a wall via the self-adhesive hooks.   The Pop Up Tanning Tent is a wired pop up cubicle, this is not machine washable but can washed down after use.  The Tan In Tent was designed and Patented by Sunless Solutions and inflates in under 10 seconds and deflates quickly, this option allows a professional look and is also machine washable and is dried via the tumble dryer, yes the first clean and fresh smelling tent on the market.  The Tan in Tent was featured on The Dragons Den and is the future in spray tan cubicles.

Spray Tanning Kits

Sunless Solutions Spray Tanning Kits are available for every budget, our Starter Kit provides everything you need for a professional spray tan experience either at home or ideal for your mobile spray tan business. Each kit is put together with you in mind giving you various options for mobile and salon tanning. A wide variety of Spray Tan Machines are available to choose from our collection provided by Aura and Tanning Essentials. All kits include Sunless Solutions Professional Spray Tan Solution, Spray Tan Machine, Spray Tan Tent, marketing and the Salon Plus Kit includes the Aura Extractor Unit which is ideal for your busy salon.