Spray Tan Solution

Sunless Solutions range of professional spray tan solution are suitable for all skin tones. Our active ingredients in our solutions are carefully blended using a unique formulation, which produces a luxurious guide colour, developing into a natural streak free tan. Sunless Solutions products contain a blend of DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) and Erythrulose, this combination produces a deep realistic tan which will not streak and helps to increase the wear of your Sunless Tan.

Spray Tan Machines

Sunless Solutions professional spray tan machines are provided by Aura Spraying Innovations who pride themselves on high quality materials and workmanship, state of the art production and safety standards. The Click and tan Gun technology allows for a quick change of solutions and the patented Satin Tip design delivers a quality spray pattern. The Elite Compact, Elite Click and tan, Allure and Click and Tan Pro Spa are available from their range.

We believe that we have chosen a wide range of spray tanning machines to suit your every need, from home tanning, mobile and salon tanning.

Spray Tan Tents

Sunless Solutions provide a spray tanning tent to suit every budget and every business need. Spray tan Cubicles, Spray tanning tents, tanning curtains, Tanning tents, Tan In Tents, whatever we like to call them they are an essential part of any spray tan business. Designed and used to protect walls, floors and ceilings from overspray and to protect your clients modesty. Our cubicles will not eliminate all overspray but will help to contain this, we recommend using an extractor unit to help draw and remove the majority of overspray.

Spray Tan Kits

Sunless Solutions Spray Tanning Kits are available for every budget, our Starter Kit provides everything you need for a professional spray tan experience either at home or ideal for your mobile spray tan business. Each kit is put together with you in mind giving you various options for mobile and salon tanning. A wide variety of Spray Tan Machines are available to choose from our collection provided by Aura and Tanning Essentials. All kits include Sunless Solutions Professional Spray Tan Solution, Spray Tan Machine, Spray Tan Tent, marketing and the Salon Plus Kit includes the Aura Extractor Unit which is ideal for your busy salon.

Spray Tan Courses

Empower yourself in your business with one day spray tan course for complete freedom! Become part of our growing team of professional spray tan therapists. join us on our one day accredited spray tan training course. Release your potential – run your own business – own yourself Professional Spray Tan Training Courses from Beginners to Advanced Tanners are available in a Sunless Solution venue throughout the UK

Sunless Solutions believe that training with our Professional Tutors is an essential start to your journey in the spray tan industry or maybe you simply want to refresh your knowledge or become a Sunless Solutions Spray Tan Master then we have a Spray Tan Training Course to suit your every need.

Spray Tan Extractor Units

As a Spray Tan Technician you are responsible for any damage or staining to items of furniture of clothing.  You also have to consider the various health implications of carrying out spray tans in poorly ventilated areas, breathing in fluids, particulates and excess spray tan mist isn’t good for your health or your customers.  It’s always wise to spray tan in a place with lots of moving air and ideally to use a spray tan extractor.  We have a wide variety of Extraction units and Extraction Booths to suit, mobile salon and every budget.

Spray Tan Machine Spares

Sunless Solutions stock spares for either your Aura or Tanning Spray tan Machines. If you looking for a spare cup for your Aura Allure machine, a replacement filter or new spray tan hose then we have everything you need to keep your business up and running. If you can’t see what you need then please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to see if we can help you.

Spray Tan Disposables

Sunless Solutions provide everything you need to deliver the perfect spray tan along this includes all disposables items. Our pink gloves protect your hands from ‘tanners hand’ as a therapist we all know how bad it looks after a busy tanning session and your hands are covered in spray tan solution so protect your hands with our latex free gloves. Masks and nose filters are available to prevent inhalation for you and your clients. No more orange soles, Sticky Feet form part of your essential collection, we highly recommend these. Protect your clients hair with our hair caps and their modesty with our G-strings.

Self Tanning Range

Sunless Solutions Self Tan is a home use range of tanning products. Ideal for salons to increase their revenue by selling these amazing products. If you are a salon and you are interested in selling our range then please contact us for the Distributors Price List. Self-tanning at home is increasing in popularity and we have a wide range of products for you to choose from. Rapid Mousse and Express Liquid Gold, are both 1 hour express tans, we know that some clients love mousse and others prefer liquid, liquid is similar to spray tan solution so we have given you both options.

Coming soon our new Tanning Oil, more updates to follow.

Marketing Material

Sunless Solutions want to help make your business a success, to help you succeed we have a range of posters, Clients Consultation sheets, marketing leaflets, client loyalty cards and window stickers.

Promote – Promote – Promote is the key to any successful business.