Spray Tan extractors

Offering a spray tan service at your salon is a great way to pull in new customers and generate some extra revenue; it’s also perfect for mobile therapists to offer as part of their package as it’s quite easy to carry out spray tans in a home environment.

extractor units

Welcome to our range of our Spray Tanning Extractors

One of the most common questions start up salons / mobile therapists have is “I’m only going to be doing a few spray tans a week, do I really need to fork out for an extraction unit?”

In a word, yes, a spray tan extractor is an essential piece of equipment no matter how many or how few spray tans you will doing. You have to appreciate that not all of the spray tan solution / mist will land on the client, a large portion of it will float around landing on walls, furniture and as the Spray Tan Technician you are responsible for any damage or staining to items of furniture of clothing. You also have to consider the various health implications of carrying out spray tans in poorly ventilated areas, breathing in fluids, particulates and excess spray tan mist isn’t good for your health or your customers

It’s always wise to spray tan in a place with lots of moving air and ideally to use a spray tan extractor. We have a wide variety of Extraction units and Extraction Booths to suit, mobile salon and every budget.

Spray Tanning Solution

Sunless Solutions range of professional spray tan solution are suitable for all skin tones. Our active ingredients in our solutions are carefully blended using a unique formulation, which produces a luxurious guide colour, developing into a natural streak free tan. Sunless Solutions products contain a blend of DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) and Erythrulose, this combination produces a deep realistic tan which will not streak and helps to increase the wear of your Sunless Tan